Black Mirror

Midnight by moriakimitsuru CCby2.0“midnight” by moriakimitsuru is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Black Mirror, Fifteen Million Merits is well worth watching. The messages and themes are quite confronting. It’s similar to The Hunger Games where the system controls the individuals for entertainment of the masses. There are similarities between this world and real life where we have to earn money to live, but in this gamified world, there is very little choice other than to play the game.

Within this structure, the characters are faced with minimal choices. One of the main characters Bing decided to give his fifteen million points to Abi to enter a singing competition. However after making it though for an audition, she is then faced with having to make a decision that will effect the rest of her life. This impacts negatively on Bing who decides to work hard again to earn back his fifteen million points to get the chance to confront the game decision makers and say what he thinks of the system.

What struck me was that even though the main character stood for virtue and tried to do something nice for Abi, this decision eventually led to her destruction. This is because the system itself is so controlling that even good or kind thinking is wiped out. There is really no free will. In this way it is very dystopian.

Black Mirror, Fifteen Million Merits, Ep 2 of 3, SBS One October 15,2012 9.30pm.

Black Mirror


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