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Photo: “Lion” by Colette Rhodes 2016

Creative Commons what exactly is it? To be honest it sounds boring although I know it is extremely necessary. The other day I attempted to make a video using Creative Commons music. I looked through a music website and spent about an hour trying to find something appropriate when I came upon a rap/hip hop tune called BeeKoo by Laswell. I’m not sure if I could have narrowed the search down by music genre or not?  So how do I attribute this? Is it Beekoo by Lasswell (CC by 3.0) This link has helped to answer that question a bit further: attributing material

Anyway, I added the song to some beach scenes found on a video editing program that comes with my computer called PowerDirector. The scenes are called nature.wmv. Which I presume can be used for free?  If not I will have to look into how to reference that in my video. Even though the video goes for only a few seconds, I was happy with the results. Not because it’s such a great movie, but because it’s a start to linking CC music with video. Something I hope to get better at. We will see but for now it’s fun learning.   

Here are some very clear fact sheets that explain the types of licences available.  fact sheets

From what we have been told the content with the Attribution licence seems to be the way to go. The others seem a bit more complicated and could get tricky so this seems the safest option. 

“6” by United Creativity is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What I do find interesting about Creative Commons is that people are putting their creative products out there to connect and give to others for free. I think this is a wonderful thing in the world today. It also gives the artist exposure and who knows, may lead to more work in the future.


2 thoughts on “Creative Commons

  1. Great work here – good to see you embracing the idea of CC! I think what would make this post even more powerful is putting things into practice by including an image or two from Flickr with appropriate licences/crediting… keep up the good work!

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