How to make a simple podcast using Iphone and Audacity


Podcast by Ruta N Medellin CC by 2.0

I’m writing this mostly as a way to remember the steps I took to create a simple podcast on SoundCloud for the Online Blogging and Communication techniques  subject at Deakin University.  I decided to record my podcast onto the voice recorder on my Iphone. This was pretty to do and easy to edit.  I recorded the introduction and the main body of the podcast on two separate recordings. Recording small sections at a time. I spoke as clearly as I could and if it didn’t sound right I recorded it again until I had around five minutes worth of material. I should note that I recorded this in my car, in the garage, so the surrounds were very quiet.

Once I had completed this I emailed both sections to myself! I then downloaded it to my computer. Then I uploaded a music clip intro from CC Mixter  to Audacity, then the recorded voice intro then another music section and finally the main voice recording.

I uploaded all parts in this order. I didn’t try to edit and move things around on Audacity because I had found from previous experience that this was not particularly easy to do.

Next I converted the file to an MP3 file. This was done by downloading software for free that converts the file.  It’s called LAME from and also FFmpeg.  I also looked at  I’m not sure which site I used, but you need these programs to convert the Audacity files. Then when the file is converted to MP3, you can upload it easily onto  Soundcloud.



2 thoughts on “How to make a simple podcast using Iphone and Audacity

  1. Great idea to get the process down in concrete like this – and terrific to see you’ve got some engagement on the podcast already! Did you consider embedding the podcast here as well? If you do, look out for the extra ‘WordPress code’ check box when you get the embed code, as you need it for this site…


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